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Torn from the savage saga of "Antartica," SAB paints a vivid tale of a cold new world at the brink of all out war. Entering the fray upon these brave new horizons, two ultra futuristic machines arise from the harsh tundra below, craving the opportunity for the 1st kill in the frigid skies above Antartica. In the end, one fighter will remain supreme. Which will you choose to defend the inhabitants of Antartica?
Revolutionizing the RC helicopter market with the game changing Goblin design, SAB altered the landscape of the heli world with their ultra sexy take on the traditional helicopter architecture. Never content with the status quo, SAB marches forward into the realm of turbine jets, summoning a new breed of aircraft to battle the "traditional" scale designs that permeate the landscape of the turbine world. With battle lines drawn, SAB has developed two ultra futuristic aircraft, radically departing conventional pragmatism in exchange for menacing aesthetics coalesced with heart pounding aerobatic prowess.
Designed for advanced pilots with deep pockets and steady nerves, these turbine powered beasts are a far cry from traditional RC aircraft. Shrieking above with an unmistakable turbine howl, SAB harnesses true turbine jet technology, adopting aerodynamic design concepts alien in form, with weathered, high visibility liveries that illuminate the skies above.
Debuting two ultra aggressive aircraft, SAB offers the radical forward swept wing design of the M169 Havok, and the aft wing concept of the KR175 Drake. Both multi role fighter aircraft utilize a forward canard layout for pitch control, with twin canted vertical stabilizers, utilizing functional rudders for full yaw authority. Furthering this architecture, both jets feature the core of the wing in an aft layout, with the lion's share of the fuselage jutting forward with a canard based design. However, their overall forms radically depart from here, offering two polarizing builds that are ready to scorch the skies above via true turbine speed.
Far from an aesthetic stunt, the forward swept M169 Havok is a menacing form that takes hold of sound aerodynamic principles pioneered by the early X-29 concept, and recently revisited via the ominous Soviet built SU-47 Berkut. When compared to a traditional swept wing layout, the forward sweeping wings offers an increased level of stall resistance at lower air speeds, maintaining critical airflow over control surfaces at higher angles of attack. This design delays the onset of stall, allowing superb levels of high alpha control, bringing the M169 to the fore when it comes to low speed, high alpha thrills. 
Featuring an aft wing construction with wing root extensions for additional wing area, the KR175 Drake utilizes its large wing area and low wing loading design to provide robust levels of high alpha maneuverability, with excellent levels of overall performance. As with the Havok, forward canards take charge of pitch control, with twin canted vertical stabilizers that offer functional rudder capability. Much like the Havok, the KR175 Drake features an aggressive, high visibility livery, with bright fluorescent orange paint, paired with a weathered "HyperStealth" digital camouflage scheme that shrouds modern day Soviet era fighters.
Pushing extreme maneuverability to the ragged edges of controlled flight, both the Havok & Drake utilize active 3D thrust vectoring capability, unlocking physics defying aircraft control at any attitude or speed. With 30 degrees of overall deflection, this dual servo thrust vectoring system redirects the high velocity jet exhaust, offering unearthly levels of pilot control, allowing an array of new flight maneuvers that will stun the crowds below.
Integrating multiple ease of access & usage features, SAB provides easily accessible compartment bays via both jets, making setup and adjustments simple and to the point. Electronics and ancillary devices are easily reached via spacious forward compartment bays, and the turbine is easily accessed in the rear via a dedicated removable cover, offering pre / post flight checks without fuss or bother. Beyond this, SAB has designed both aircraft with ultra easy wing attachment points via a simple screw type knob, making wing connections ultra easy and super secure. This also allows ease of transport, providing a more slender fuselage without wings for tight spaces when en-route to the field or stored at home.
With optional ordinance for a menacing "scale" appearance, both the Drake & Havok can be equipped with hard mounted air to air missiles & bombs for those in search of living out the multi role defender in the arctic tale of Antartica. Keeping the airframe aerodynamically clean, both aircraft utilize retractable landing gear systems, which will be a "sold separately" product offered via SAB. 
At a price point of $2,880.00 for the Havok & $2,260.00 for the Drake, these jets were not designed for the faint of heart, nor the light of pocket. And keep in mind we're just talking about the airframes as of this time. Add in a turbine, (10) servos, retracts and the necessary electronics for the turbine engine, and these jet aircraft were solely design for the experienced modeler that has the skill for flight, and the utter & complete blessing from his wife when it comes to the credit card bill these beasts require. But, for those of us whom are able to afford these menacing machines, prepare for envious stares and heart pounding thrills as these two unmistakable jets fiercely climb into the skies above, in search of multi role domination.

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