PowerBox Sensor - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

PowerBox Sensor

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Since 2003 there has been a name for dual security in minimum space: PowerBox Sensor! The PowerBox Sensor is probably the best-known product in the PowerBox portfolio. The two voltage regulators allow it to be used for virtually any application where double security is required in conjunction with...
Premium MAXI servo leads - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

Premium MAXI servo leads

SKU: 1010/1000

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The Premium™ MAXI servo cable is the thicker variant of the familiar Premium™ cable with a conductor cross-section of 0.35mm². In this case ‘thicker’ means that the current-bearing positive and negative conductors have a cross-sectional area of 0.5mm², while the signal conductor’s cross-section is 0.3mm²...
Crimping tool Professional - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

Crimping tool Professional

SKU: 7100

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for JR-style and BEC connectors The Professional crimping tool is perfectly matched to our crimp plugs and sockets. The integral ratchet makes the crimping procedure very simple and reliable.
PowerBox iGyro1e - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

PowerBox iGyro1e

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As with the iGyro 3e, the impressive feature of the iGyro 1e is just how easy it is to use. The device can be used immediately after it is unpacked: plug in, fix in place, fly. In every respect its performance is as good as the renowned larger...
SmartSwitch - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock


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The SmartSwitch is ideal for all applications where security has top priority, but voltage regulation is not required. The micro-controller by which the On / Off switching system is controlled makes the SmartSwitch the perfect substitute for a mechanical switch. The on / off switching process is...
PowerBox Evolution incl. SensorSwitch and Patchleads - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

PowerBox Evolution incl. SensorSwitch and Patchleads

SKU: 4230


The PowerBox Evolution is always the first choice when a small, robust battery backer system is required: the typical range of applications extends from warbirds to 3D aerobatic models and even to jets. The first series of the Evolution was introduced back in the year 2004, and since that...
PowerBox Mercury SRS - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

PowerBox Mercury SRS

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The PowerBox Mercury SRS is a new power management system which combines all the experience and findings we have gained over the last few years, together with customer requests, in a single compact unit. Never before has so much functionality been crammed into such a small space! The Mercury...
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