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HSD Harlock RC Viper 140 Complete Retract System

Type: Retract System

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HSD Super Viper Complete Retract Set

Setup your Viper Jet 140 right with the HSD Viper jet Retract System, offering amazing scale looks and performance with the Viper Jet 140.

Designed specifically for the Viper Jet 140, the HSD retract system offers amazing scale capability, with the aerodynamic gains of housing the landing gear system within the aircraft, equating to a sleek, aerodynamic profile for maximum levels of speed.

Fully functional with excellent scale performance, the HSD retract system features fully functional electromagnetic braking, allowing the aircraft to be rapidly slowed down in proportional fashion via slider switch / knob via the transmitter. This braking system reduces landing rolls to a minimum, allowing for shorter runway operations when landing at speed.

Incorporating a trailing link style suspension system, the HSD retract system provides gentle touchdown characteristics, and has been optimized for maximum stability during landing, resulting in the perfect package for the Viper 140.



(1) Electrical retract mechanism with front landing gear strut & wheel

(2) Electrical retract mechanism with main landing gear strut

(2) Main wheel with electrical brake

(1) Brake controller

(1) Landing gear controller