SABAVIO KR84 Tortuga Kit

SABAVIO KR84 Tortuga Kit

Vendor: SAB Avio
Type: Jets

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SABAVIO KR84 TORTUGA - A New World Divided. A New Protector Arises.

Drawn from the "Tale of Antarctica" via SAB, The Tortuga is a fictionalized replica of the recon / interdiction attack drone that courageously fought in the massive air battle known as the "Year 513 Battle of Kemp" - a ferocious air to air drone battle in an all our effort of absolute control of the new Antarctic world. With the SABAVIO Tortuga, you now have the ability to pull this aircraft out of the pages of Antarctica, experiencing the raw speed and howling sound of the Tortuga as it blisters the skies above.

Designed to harness a 2200kV brushless motor with a 5x5E pusher prop, the KR84 Tortuga is a radical departure from a conventional fixed wing aircraft, utilizing a lifting body design paired with wing root extensions and a canard layout for pitch control. This simplified (4) channel layout consists of ailerons via the wings and pitch via the forward canards, offering excellent control at low and high speed flight. Couple this with favorable stall behavior, as the canards are the 1st surface to stall, leading to a predictable nose down stall departure.

Constructed of ultra high strength vacuum molded fiberglass sandwich components, the KR84 Tortuga was designed for epic levels of speed and G force, allowing the ultra aerodynamic layout to pay massive dividends in all out velocity. Further this with an ultra simplified design that is easy to assemble and fly, the Tortuga is an epic high velocity aircraft that will thrill like no other with the speed and sound the Tortuga was destined for.

Unlock the potential and capability of the KR84 Tortuga and live out the "Battle of Kemp" above. With the SABAVIO Tortuga KR84, this amazing aircraft is destined to stun with its high visibility paint scheme, and is ready and waiting to take to the vertical in epic speed, high G flight.


- High Strength, Light Weight Airex Design
- Fully Painted with High Visibility Paint Scheme
- Rapid (2) Hour Assembly for Flight
- High Strength, Rigid Sandwich Fiberglass Vacuum Molded Construction
- Incredibly Fast & Fun To Fly
- Servo Horns Pre-Mounted for Rapid Assembly

The SABAVIO model is the semi-scale 1/8 of the KR84 Tortuga ROBODRONE Version that fought in the "Battle of Kemp, 513."


- TORTUGA is a Full sandwich Fiberglass / Airex Fuselage (formed under vacuum).
- Super rigid, ready for High speed.
- All parts are pre-painted.
- Horns are already mounted.
- Super-fast assembly. Typical 2 hour build time, ready to fly.



Suggested Setup:

- 4+ Channel Transmitter
- 6S 22.2V — 2600mAh / 3200mAh LiPo Battery
- 2200 kV Brushless Motor / 28mm-36mm
- 100-120A-ESC / 5x5 propeller
- Max Motor Size: 36mm Diameter
- Max Motor Weight: 150g
- Battery Compartment: 55mm x 45mm x 200mm
- (2) mini wing servos 30mm x 10mm x 30mm
- (1) micro servo 12mm x 23mm

- Complete Structure (already painted)
- Horns and Servo Holders
- Screws and Bolts
- Linkages (all you need)
- Manual
MAIN FEATURES: Propeller Zone

Aileron Linkages

Canard Servo

Battery Compartment

ESC Compartment

Full Sandwich Fiberglass / Airex Fuselage
(formed under vacuum)