SABAVIO Havok RC Jet Kit

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M169 Havok - Multirole Turbine Madness.

Menacing in form with a radical forward swept wing design, SABAVIO wiped the slate clean, summoning forth one of the most revolutionary jet designs seen in the skies today.

Pulled from the saga of "Antartica," the M169 Havok is envisioned as a multirole fighter - craving the opportunity to devastate the adversary in epic all out war. Featuring a weathered, pre-painted, high visibility paint scheme, the detail and design of the M169 is stunning in form, with incredible functionality that is visible all throughout this impressive machine.

Utilizing a 66.5" spanned aggressively forward swept wing layout, this wing design draws from full scale aviation design, such as the X-29 & Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut. Far from an aesthetic stunt, the forward sweeping wing offers an increased level of maneuverability when compared to a traditional aft swept wing, maintaining critical airflow over control surfaces at higher angles of attack. This design delays the onset of stall, allowing superb levels of high alpha control at lower levels of speed. 

Featuring thrust vectoring for unearthly levels of control, the M169 Havok offers a full 30 degrees of thrust vectoring deflection, opening up new realms of turbine powered maneuverability. Paired with the radical forward swept wing / canard layout, the M169 is a potent 3D machine that has been designed to push the boundaries of fixed wing flight.

Designed for ease of transport and setup, the M169 features an easy to access single knob style wing attachments, offering an ultra easy, ultra secure wing attachment system. Further this with multiple access panels for turbine & electronics access, SAB designed the M169 to be easy to setup and maintain, allowing more time to fly and less time on the ground.

Step into the future of RC jet flight with the all new SABAVIO M169 Havok - ARF brilliance with looks ready to kill.


- Full Sandwich Fiberglass / Airex High Strength Layup
- High Angle 30 Degree Thrust Vectoring System
- Incredible Control, Precision and Maneuverability
- Aggressive High Alpha Capability via Forward Swept Wing Design
- Easy "Single Knob" Wing Bolt Design for Ease of Transport
- Fully Painted with Incredible Levels of Detail
- Control Surface Horns / Servo Mounts Pre-Installed
- Ultra Easy Compartment Access
- Conformal / Removable Fuel Tank
- Factory Set for Rapid Assembly
- Compact Package to Reduce Shipping Costs
- Ready for SAB Retract Landing Gear System

Technical Specifications:

Wing Span: 1690mm (66.5")
Length: 2360mm (92.9")
Dry RTF Weight: 12Kg - 13Kg / 26.5 lbs. - 28.7 lbs. (Dependent Upon Equipment Used)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 Liters / 1.3 Gallons


(1) M169 Havok Jet Kit (Missile Kit Optional - Not Included)
(1) High Angle Thrust Vectoring Kit
(1) Inox / Aluminum Exhaust Pipe
(1) Conformal Fuel Tank

Required for Flight:

(6) Standard Size Servos
(4) Mini Sized Servos
(1) 12Kg - 25Kg Turbine (120N - 250N Turbine)
(1) Miscellaneous Jet Equipment & Accessories



The SAB model is a 1:8 scale of the ROBODRONE M169 Havok
  • • Full sandwich Fiber glass/airex (vacuum technology)
  • • All parts already painted
  • • Control surface horns and servo mounts already installed
  • • Ready to install SAB landing gear
  • • Super-fast assembly, everything set up at the factory
  • • Small packaging for lower shipping cost

High angle thrust vectoring

Vector allow a deviation of the flow untill 30° angle. Made in INOX, with TIG welds, completely in metal. Coaxial to the gas turbine outlet pipe, it has a direct response, with no dead zone. The precision is maximum.

Easy wing connection

The main carbon tube is 30 mm in diameter, for high rigidity.

A simple knob, in landing gear area, allows a quick assembly and disassembly of the wing. The wings are compact and easy to carry out.

The perfect compromise between agility and stability

After many test, we have achieved a geometry that allows exceptional agility and stability. Although based on an unconventional solution, you will be surprised by the ease of piloting.

Easy access to all components

The project, paying attention to the various solutions, defines an excellent access to all the components.

At the rear, a further cover above the turbine ,guarantees total accessibility and ease of removal.

On the front side, under the canopy, there are large component panels for an ordered installation.

Conformal and removable fuel tank

With the simple removal of three screws, the tank can be removed quickly and easily. Every maintenance and verification is extremely simple.

In this model, the tank is load-bearing and an integral part of the fuselage

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Behrouz R.
United States

Wonderfull rc jet

Perfect design,Perfect material ,very strong , Perfect made, Perfect finishing , but a little bit heavy

Scott A.
United States United States

Sure it's awesome

I bought this item as a gift for someone. I'm sure they were thrilled with it. Can't wait to see it in action.