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The Rhino 200 SE Turbine Engine - 45 lbs Thrust

Vendor: JetCentral USA
Type: Jet Parts

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The Rhino 200 SE Turbine Engine, 45 lbs Thrust, by Jet Central

The Rhino is super reliable & the best value turbine with unmatched in class performance

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Jet Central Turbine Maintenance Cycle: 25 Hours; $250 Overhaul Fee + $60 Freight

NEW! Jet Central "SE" Smart Electronics ECU System

  • Metallic robust HDT
  • Safety acceleration flameout prevention
  • Self-adjusting features
  • Easy fine tuning, do more with less adjustment
  • Simple, graphic navigation menus
  • Keep track of your telemetry with an easy to use interface
  • One-click altitude compensations
  • All the information you need in an easy to read display
Super reliable, hassle free, best value motor with unmatched performance in its class at 16.5 kg (36 lbs) of thrust. A powerful turbine ready to fly all the big Jets, and provide enough thrust for an awesome performance and the fastest acceleration in its class.

The JET CENTRAL TURBINES ENGINES are in its own right a single stage centrifugal flow gas turbine engine, configured to operate as a TURBOJET ENGINE for use mainly, but not exclusively, in remotely piloted fixed wing aircraft. Such aircraft and their control systems must be appropriately designed and constructed to be compatible with the performance of the TURBOJET ENGINE.
  • Kerosene Start
  • Engine ready for installation, with the newest in ECU's.
  • All motors tested at over 6000 ft.
  • Lifetime Warranty
Rhino Turbine Complete Set with Auto Start includes
  • Turbine Engine with integrated ECU
  • Hard Case
  • Clear Fuel Line 4mm
  • Clear Kerosene Start Line 3mm
  • Clear Fuel Line 6mm
  • 3 Cell LiFePo Battery
  • Accessory Box
    • On/Off Manual Festo Valve (6mm.)
    • Hanger 9 Fuel Filter
    • S-Bus / Power Cable
    • USB Flash with Manuals
    • SE Hand Data Terminal (HDT)
    • JR Style Receiver throttle cable
  • Thrust: 200 Newtons. 20.4 KG (45 Lb) @121,000 RPM
  • Idle Thrust: 0.6K (1.33 Lbs) @ 32000 RPM
  • RPM Range: 32,000 - 121,000
  • Weight: 1.780 KG (3.9 Lbs)
  • Diameter: 111 mm (4.4 in)
  • Length: 302 mm (11.9 in)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature: 500ºC - 750ºC (932º F - 1292ºF)
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.55 lt/min (19.5 oz/min) @ 121,000RPM