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Viper Jet 250 ARF Kit - Fly Navy Scheme

Vendor: Harlock RC
Type: Jets

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Viper Jet 250 - Pure Turbine Insanity.

Light the fire in epic style with the Viper Jet 250 - pure jet turbine bliss, waiting to be unleashed in the skies above. Designed exclusively for jet turbine power, the Viper Jet 250 takes mach speed to the limits with an ultra high quality ARF build that is as gorgeous on the tarmac as it is in the skies above.

Designed for serious turbine enthusiasts, the Viper Jet 250 is constructed of an ultra strong and incredibly rigid fiberglass / composite layup that is vacuum formed to handle the high levels of speed and G force the Viper Jet can obtain. This high strength construction unlocks the ability for the Viper Jet 250 to be flown in ultra aggressive fashion, allowing the pilot to push the Viper Jet in every aspect of aerobatic flight, throughout the vast range of speeds the Viper Jet 250 can obtain.

With turbine power in the mix, the Viper Jet 250 is a stunning aircraft that can push the boundaries of raw turbine speed with amazing aerobatic prowess. Combined with its wide range of airspeed, the Viper Jet 250 is an amazing sport jet that handles incredibly well, low and slow, or at full thrust, max speed madness.

Ignite your turbine dreams with the Viper Jet 250 - mach speed awaits.


- Dedicated Turbine Powered Beast
- Ultra High Quality ARF Build
- High Strength Fiberglass / Composite Construction
- Wide Airspeed Flight Envelope
- Fully Functioning Flaps for Low Speed Flight
- Incredible Sport Jet Handling
- Gorgeous High Visibility Liveries
- Massive 100" Wingspan
- High Strength Vacuum Molded Fiberglass Sandwich Construction
- Spare Parts Available


Wingspan: 100"
Length: 89"
Weight: 32 lbs. - 36 lbs (dry weight w/o fuel)

Required for Flight:

(1) 140N / 180N Turbine
(1) 11+ Channel Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(8) Full Size, High Torque Servos
(1) Landing Gear / Retract System
(1) Miscellaneous Turbine Equipment & Power Systems

In The Box:

(1) Fully Painted Viper Jet 250 Kit
(1) Thrust Tube
(1) Fuel Tank
(1) Miscellaneous Hardware Set