Bert Kammerer  MICRO SIZE CYCLIC SERVO DS-3001HV - SABAvio USA Out Of Stock

Bert Kammerer MICRO SERVO / DS-3001HV



High Torque, High Speed, Excellent Precision. Meet the DS-3001HV. Are you looking for the ultimate micro servo? A servo that is not only high voltage compatible but is ready for the demands of high performance aircraft? Look no further, as the new DS-3001HV micro servo...
Bert Kammerer MICRO SIZE CYCLIC SERVO DS-3002HV - SABAvio USA In Stock

Bert Kammerer MICRO SIZE HV SERVO / DS-3002HV



This high end micro servo was specifically designed for high performance aircraft, offering excellent torque and speed. Providing incredible speed and precision, the DS-3002HV is also 100% high voltage compatible, featuring a full metal gear train that can be replaced in the event of a...
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