SAB AVIO KR84 Tortuga - Epic Speed Awaits.

Posted by Dean Nguyen on

Have a need for speed? Boy, do we have the fix for you. When it comes to epic levels of speed, the boys & girls at SAB have a new fixed wing division under the guise of "SAB AVIO", and they have been hard at work (and play) with some radical new aircraft that are destined to shake up the marketplace and bring some serious speed to the mix. And when we say speed, we mean it. So, strap in and get ready to turn and burn, as SAB has some delicious bits of go fast goodness that is ready to be served up hot and fast.

Designed as a perfect entry level into the world of mach speed delight, SAB AVIO unveils the KR84 Tortuga - an alien looking, ultra futuristic fighter like craft that is far beyond a sleek and sexy profile. Constructed of a sandwich fiberglass composite material that is vacuum molded for massive levels of rigidity & strength, SAB wasn't messing around when it came to the layup of this vicious bird of prey. Designed for blistering levels of speed and some serious levels of G induced madness, the Tortuga is built for speed, and plenty of it.

Rarely seen in the fixed wing world are forward canards, which are dedicated in controlling the pitch attitude of the Tortuga with a bit of mixing assist via the ailerons, or "elevons" in this case. The vast majority of fixed wing aircraft rely on a traditional elevator layout for overall pitch control, but SAB has borrowed the canard layout from the fighter jet world, utilized by fighter aircraft like the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, Sukhoi SU-30, and other exotic military machines. This canard layout reduces drag, improves stall departure performance, and most important of all, just looks wickedly cool.

With a near lifting body design paired with wing root extensions and a high visibility flourescent orange livery, the Tortuga is optimized for high speed flight, but can still be slowed down for landing, although "slow" is certainly a relative term when it comes to other traditional fixed wing designs. Complimenting this design with near full span ailerons, the Tortuga will be capable of blinding levels of roll rate, equating to some intense doses of adrenaline induced bliss as this bird of prey screams across the skies above.

Designed to be hand launched or launched via catapult, the Tortuga is not designed for a conventional take off or landing, as the air frame is purpose built in design as an ultra low drag layout for pure speed insanity. Be careful about those hand launches, though; with a knife like prop spinning near 50k in r.p.m., fingers and other appendages are no doubt in harms way, bringing serious truth to the "Beware of Blast" decal at the business end of the Tortuga. In short, hand launch with EXTREME caution!

Utilizing an in-runner 2200kV brushless motor paired to a 5x5E pusher prop, the prop r.p.m. of the Tortuga wails with a banshee like scream as the prop reaches an ungodly 50,000 r.p.m at max throttle. Acting almost like a ducted fan (without the duct), the Tortuga screams in flight, with its designed flight envelope coming alive as the speed ramps up to the extreme. Utilizing thin wing servos for aileron control, the Tortuga can be optimized further with an additional rudder servo kit, transforming the twin vertical surfaces with full rudder functionality for even greater levels of control extremes.

The KR84 Tortuga is not for the faint of heart, yet is perfectly suited for an intermediate pilot that is wanting to expand his or her flight envelope with something wickedly fast & ultra fun to fly. Even further, the Tortuga can be built up without breaking the proverbial piggy bank, with kit, motor, ESC, servos and battery for under $700.00. And even though that figure isn't necessarily pocket change for most, when you look at the build quality, construction and massive levels of blistering speed this aircraft can obtain, the price becomes a foggy afterthought, as this go fast bird is destined to thrill like few in the skies today.

Want to build your very own Tortuga? Check out our recommended product list below to get you in the air with mach level speeds.

LiPo Battery: Pulse Ultra PLU45-30006


We recommend the Pulse Ultra 3000mAh 6S 22.2V 45C, which is a perfect fit between the noted 2600mAh - 3200mAh pack SAB recommends, equating to a great mix of flight time & weight for optimal levels of performance. And with a 45C discharge rate, this pack will have plenty of amperage to dish out, allowing full throttle max flights without the worry of pushing the battery to the extreme.

Brushless Motor: Xnova XN3640-2200

Designed specifically for the KR84 Tortuga, the Xnova XN3640-2200 is the perfect fit for this machine, with stellar levels of quality and performance that Xnova is known for. With its 36mm layout, this Xnova motor is the maximum size the Tortuga was designed for, meaning this motor was designed to push the Tortuga to the insane levels of speed.

ESC: HobbyWing 100A Platinum

A perfect fit for the Tortuga with plenty of amperage to harness the power of the Xnova XN3640, the HobbyWing Platinum 100A is a fantastic ESC with incredible levels of quality and performance. Utilizing a built in thermal heat sink to keep the temps in check, the HobbyWing's ultra low price point belies its superior levels of quality and performance, making this ESC the perfect choice for the Tortuga. Want to make life super simple when it comes to ESC setup? Pick up the HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box, making ESC setup an absolute breeze.

Propeller: 5x5E Prop

Designed for insane levels of thrust and speed, the APC 5x5 is a dedicated electric prop designed to take the extreme loadings the Tortuga can dish out. With a capability of spooling the prop at a mind bending 50,000 r.p.m., this prop is the perfect setup to push the Tortuga to the absolute maximum. 

Aileron / Elevon Wing Servos: KST X10 Mini Servos

Requiring (2) of these servos, the KST X10 Mini servos are dedicated aileron servos that are ultra thin in profile (10mm, to be exact), allowing the Tortuga's wing to slice through the air due to its minimalistic profile. Utilizing steel gears with a 8.4V HV capable design, the KST X10 Mini boasts excellent torque & speed, making it the absolute perfect wing servo for the SAB KR84 Tortuga.

Canard Servo: KST DS215MG

An excellent choice to handle the demands and loadings for the canards up front, the KST DS215MG servo boasts an all aluminium 7075 construction for excellent thermal dissipation, coupled with steel gears for massive levels of gear train strength. High torque & high speed with true 8.4V HV capability, the KST DS215MG servo is the perfect solution when it comes to dialing in the Tortuga just right.

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